Thursday, March 27, 2014


Not far from where i grew up in London Kentucky is Black Mountain the highest  point in the commonwealth  of Kentucky.

On its ridges are old trees that have been stunted and gnarled by the hostile climate and the sparsely rocky soil.

Craftsmen have told me that when one of those trees die its wood is highly prized------and the reason is because it is so strong. the trees resisted those fierce alpine winds for decades and they strengthened it.

What happens when the winds of adversity blow in our lives ? Do they flatten us, knock us down, stop our growth?  Or like those trees, do we grow stronger?

The trees that survive I'm told are those with the deepest roots. The roots are like an anchor  helping them survive the storms and they draw up the soil's nutrients helping them grow stronger.

"So may we always walk in Christ rooted and built up in Him." Colossians 2: 6-7  that, when the winds of adversity blow our way, like the trees we will grow strong, anchored, and drawing up spiritual strength that one day we will be highly prized of the Lord, as the trees are to the craftsman.

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