Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Happy is the man who has the God of Jacob as his helper.     Psalm 146: 5

Happiness can't be pursued and caught, anymore than one can pursue a sunny day and put it in a can and then,open it and let it shine on a cloudy day.

My Mother gave me a few pointer on happiness, which  she said worked well for her over the years.

I've tried to live by them as best I can since she shared them with me, maybe some of you will find them helpful in your life.

Her philosophy for happiness was, be yourself, never compare yourself with others.

For-give and for-get, remember not to take things to personally.

Never give up, you are just as unique and special as anyone else in the world.

Be honest, stay calm, Love yourself don't be to critical  , for no one is perfect

Be generous the act of giving always makes your heart more content with its self, and remember that being truthful and positive and helping others you can have more yourself.

 And the most important one she said was real happiness comes from a different prusuit, The prusuit of God. 

So far I haven't proven Mother wrong and perhaps you want either if you are willing to follow her advice.

Coleman Schell


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