Friday, January 17, 2014

Why Am I Not Happy?

How often have you found what you were looking for in life, only to realize it didn't bring you the satisfaction you thought it would?

It is life's ultimate frustration---- thinking we will find fulfillment in the things of this world.
But they can never bring lasting happiness.

For many of us all we want is a little more than we have now.

We look for love, security, and happiness through our jobs, our possessions, our relationships----but if they really brought lasting joy, wouldn't we have testimonies to that effect from millions of people all over the world?

Instead we find emptiness, discontent, and hopelessness.

Many people believe that their happiness depends on their circumstances, or worse, circumstances beyond their control.

"I'll be happy when I lose weight..." "I'll be happy when I find a job..." "I'll be happy once I find someone to love..."

If you aren't happy now, you won't be happy when you get that "thing" you think will make you happy. Happiness lies within you, not within someone or something else. 

Romans 15 : 13  says (May the God of hope fill you with all joy.)
When you put Christ first in your life, You will discover that He alone is the source of everlasting security,love, peace, and joy that you have been searching for.

I have searched many many times out side of Christ for these things, and found none of them, what I did find  was  a illusion and counterfeit life.

Coleman Schell

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