Saturday, September 21, 2013

Attention Please

          A whistle can get our attention pretty quickly .

Its sound is used to control unruly behavior, to signal the beginning or the end, of an event.

  When blown by a police officer at an intersection,   a teacher on a play ground,  a  referee at a sports event, its signal can be used for us to stop, what we're doing and learn why it was blown.

  Most of the time God doesn't have to use  a whistle to get our attention? but  he may use other tactics
In a lot of ways we are just like students in a classroom when it comes to listening to God.

In order for the teacher in the classroom to achieve any learning from the students they first have to get their attention. 

Sometimes the Lord uses adversity to wake us up and to get our attention so that we will look to him and learn from him. 

God allows adversity, anguish, trials, tribulations, and heartaches to be valuable lessons of experience in our lives.

These adversities can bring us to a higher level of insight and understanding


If we are wise, we will stop and listen  when we recognize these events hapenning.and  learn,why he is calling .

           He desire's our attention, and wants us to  fellowship  with Him, unfortunately,we are often to preoccupied, and to busy.

What is your excuse ?

            God is calling us unto Him self  and waiting patiently for our reply will you give Him your undivided attention today?

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