Tuesday, October 15, 2013


       What does revelation mean? It means that something that has been hidden is now made known.

        Some people see God that way---hidden and unknown. Such a view assumes God doesn't want to be known---or even that God is incapable of being  known  because "God" is just a vague impersonal force like gravity.

        But God has revealed Himself, He is not hidden He has spoken to us, and if we will listen, we can not only discover what He is like, but we can come to know Him in a personal way.

        God has given us two text books. One is the "Text book" of nature. By looking at the world, we can learn something about its creator.

        The other is the "Text book" of revelation, the Bible. It is more than an ancient record of events; it is God's Word, given to us by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to guide our lives. God has spoken---and He still speaks.

            Are you listening?

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