Sunday, August 4, 2013

Formmula For Personal Growth

      Growing in Christ involves far more than just attending Church, tithing, and listening to a Sermon.

   In fact, many believers do these yet remain stagnant in their walk with God.

      There is one main elements that we first need to  help us grow and become more like Jesus.

      It is vital to learn truth and instruction, so that we can gain knowledge and understanding of the word of God.

       Simply listening to the truth does not mean that we've acquired it, many times people attend Bible studies and expand their knowledge base  but their lives remain unchanged.

        Are we careless hears deceived into thinking that we're growing? Or are we listening intently and abiding in the truth?

         If we're truly maturing, our lives will be increasingly Christlike and our desires  will align more closely with God's heart.

         Are you listening and responding to His truth? Is your personal growth growing or has it become stagnant?

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