Wednesday, July 24, 2013


        Even though most Christians are very familiar with the gospel, many are reluctant to share their faith with others, because they don't feel  capable of explaining it to someone else.

       What if we don't have the answers or worst yet what if we wind up looking like a fool? It's just to intimidating; do not be disheartened  God has given us the most important message in the world.

       We must not let fear or ignorance keep us from sharing and giving a lost world  the only message that can change a persons eternal destiny.

       We tend to be motivated by temporal and easy  activities that eventually fade away.  Souls are for ever and people need to know the Saviour and His Gospel.

      Will you be willing to step aside form the fear of rejection and share what God has done for you in your life and proclaim his Gospel  when God opens a door for you to share with others?
 Think of it this way  God using you to rescue a family member or friend from a burning building with no one around to help but you wouldn't you want to help that love one or friend escape death.

         " God is looking for people who will say--yes. rejection fades away in moments like these and is replaced with gratitude beyond measure for being the one God uses in time of need.

Coleman Schell

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