Wednesday, July 31, 2013


           No matter how far away from God you may have drifted, you're always welcome back.

           What ever your drifting story maybe, make this the day that you point yourself back to the Lord.

       The first motion toward getting back on course is to acknowledge that you have slipped away, confess and repent of it, which is like turning your boat around and paddling toward God.

        If you're wondering exactly how you might do that, try giving yourself to God  each day starting  when you wake up in the morning.

        Then pray and meditate on His word  and  vigorously paddle your way back  to God before you wind up lost at sea.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


        Even though most Christians are very familiar with the gospel, many are reluctant to share their faith with others, because they don't feel  capable of explaining it to someone else.

       What if we don't have the answers or worst yet what if we wind up looking like a fool? It's just to intimidating; do not be disheartened  God has given us the most important message in the world.

       We must not let fear or ignorance keep us from sharing and giving a lost world  the only message that can change a persons eternal destiny.

       We tend to be motivated by temporal and easy  activities that eventually fade away.  Souls are for ever and people need to know the Saviour and His Gospel.

      Will you be willing to step aside form the fear of rejection and share what God has done for you in your life and proclaim his Gospel  when God opens a door for you to share with others?
 Think of it this way  God using you to rescue a family member or friend from a burning building with no one around to help but you wouldn't you want to help that love one or friend escape death.

         " God is looking for people who will say--yes. rejection fades away in moments like these and is replaced with gratitude beyond measure for being the one God uses in time of need.

Coleman Schell

Sunday, July 21, 2013


                         Lightning storms captivate our lives, with the visual display of God's amazing strength and power, even more amazing is His Gospel something He has entrusted to us.

             Truly this is good news for though sinfulness reigns in our hearts, God can over come that darkness and redeem our souls.

             Think about the strength of the Gospel. Gods word isn't simply ink on a page; it is living, active,and sharper than a sword;   Hebrews 4-12.

             It can break the chains of sin, heal brokenness, guide us into wisdom, and offer us choices that bring hope to our lives.

              Whats your response to this amazing Gospel? This awesome power He has entrusted you with, are you sharing it with hurting and hopeless people you come in contact with each day?


Saturday, July 13, 2013

What Does Jesus Look Like ?

         Many have ask that question  and where can it be found in the Bible?  Show me they say ; when we look in the Old Testament.

                   We find  in  Isaiah 53 that it gives  us a description of His looks and character;  the writer of Isaiah  describes Him as a man .

                  " Wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities a man of sorrows."

          The one who died for us on the cross the one who was despised and rejected of men; the one we hid our faces from and yet we esteemed Him not.

           Do you struggle with this description of what Jesus our Saviour looked like ? Have you invited Him into your heart?

                      Personally I think the one in Isaiah 53  who's  descriptive look is described so well   deserves a place in  each of our hearts if we are honest with our selves.

           The spirit of God uses the word of God to change the hearts of man. " That's Jesus."

           After reading this I hope you have formed an opinion of what The Bible says Jesus really looks like. Now that you know where to find it in the Bible share it with others.


Saturday, July 6, 2013


         As immigrants our ancestors left everything behind. Coming to America with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

         They risked their lives for something they valued more highly than everything they had left behind; Freedom.

          They did not take their adopted country's freedom for granted ----and neither should we.

           Their experience is a picture of what we must do when we come to Christ.  We must forsake our old way of life and become citizens  of a new kingdom----the kingdom of God.

           The statue of Liberty rises above New York's Harbor signifying our freedom in America.

                       The statue of Liberty that was just outside Jerusalem signifies our freedom from sin and lights the way to eternal life with Christ our Lord in a kingdom with out end. 

                     The price of freedom bore a high cost to our fore fathers and an even  greater cost to our Saviour
it cost Him His life.

          If the son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.   John  8 : 36.  "May freedom reign in your heart and life today and forever."