Tuesday, June 25, 2013


                Money plays a large role in our existence, its virtually impossible to live with out. For example how would we purchase food, shelter, and the necessities of  life. ?

       Money is more than a means to acquire things, the quest for it has dominated mankind's history for dacades.

         Actually wars have been fought over it, countless lives have been ruined by it and people die every day for lack of it.

         What does God think about money since He  has made everything and it all belongs to Him.   Psalms 24-1.?

          Even when we work for it and think it belongs to us--- it is still God who has given us the opportunity  and capability to earn it.

           To gain a proper prospective of money God doesn't  just provide money for our physical needs; He uses it many times to transform us spiritually and to trains us to rely upon Him in times of need.

            Instead of indulging in our desires for wealth He teaches us to learn to seek His will and to be generous with the money He gives us and let it be a powerful instrument in the Lord's hand.

            Its only a piece of paper, and the world attaches far more significance to it than God ever intended it to have, when you give Him authority over it He will give you a spiritual view of it that coincides with His..

            Then be reminded what you do with it each day  reveals your Godly character.


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