Sunday, May 26, 2013


Some years ago there was a popular song that  talks about some one looking back over their life and proclaiming proudly how they did things their way.

About self-satisfaction, not answering to anyone about their lifestyle or their choices. which is the exact opposite of how God has called us to live.

Just how do we live life Gods way, instead of our own way ?   First we must consider whether we've erected  a "Hands off" sign over certain areas of our life, that don't allow Him to lead us.

We're to set aside our agendas and focus instead on our relationship with God and the things that please Him.

God takes full responsibility for the life that is committed to Him and will provide the things we need to follow His instructions, even when our feelings say, we have insufficient resources or skills.

 What do your choices reveal?  are you willing to try it Gods way ? Or would you rather have it your way.  It's never too late to change your mind and say "I did it Gods way."

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