Saturday, May 25, 2013


If God were to remove all evil from the world and some how left us humans on the planet, would we some how become robots  ? and loose our "humanness."

Lets look at this a little closer, if God eliminated evil by programing us to perform only good acts we would loose our distinguishing mark----our ability to make choices.

We would no longer be free moral agents, we would be reduced to the status of robots and robots  do not love, love is based upon one's right to choose love.

We cannot force others to love us, we can make them serve us, or obey us, but true love is founded upon one's freedom to choose to respond

Given the choice would you rather be responsible for your actions, or be a robot with out responsibility !

Today are you using your ability to make decisions wisely--- and using it to glorify God?

Our decision making is important, its our God given right and ability; Deuteronomy 30-19    "I have set before you life and death; therefore choose life."

God wants us to love Him because, we choose to, not because we have  too ,therefore he made us in His image and not that of a robot.

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