Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stability For The Soul

Many people in the world---maybe even you---are facing terrible storms in their lives.

Broken homes, joblessness, loneliness,  being bullied in school.

These things slash at the very fabric of our hope in Christ.

It may seem we are lost, adrift at sea in a small boat during a hurricane, how on earth will we be able to reach the shore safely?

Jesus disciples faced this kind of fear as well, while they were crossing a lake in their small ship, the weather took a frightening turn for the worse.

In desperation they went to Jesus for help, they cried out Lord save us we're going to drown, waking up from a nap he was taking, he rebuke them for their lack of faith.

Then he spoke to the storm and said peace be still and the storm was calmed, sometimes we think as the disciples that our challenges go unnoticed.

When your own personal world seems out of control and you think Jesus is a sleep, the answer is simple, thank God, that he is in the boat with you and he will give you, stability for your soul.

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