Sunday, February 3, 2013


All around the world people go to church,bow their head to pray and hear sermons. 
        Our faith is perhaps the most central element in the Christian life, because it is the means by which we enter into salvation.
         If you grew up in a Christian home, you probably adopted some of the beliefs of your parents, this kind of foundation is a wonderful gift, to nurture your faith.
         Eventually each of us, must assume responsibility for the faith we have developed in your lives.
         It is only when we trust the Lord, through the fires of adversity, that we realize if we have faith that can stand.
         It is no longer based on what others have told us, but on our first hand experience with His faithfulness.
          God wants us all, to become more like His son and receive the ever increasing faith, we need to live our lives pleasing to Him
          Are you satisfied spiritually? Or do you have a growing hunger, for more faith, to satisfy God?    

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