Sunday, February 10, 2013


         Young people today are looking for adventure and excitement something to motivate them and give them purpose.

                   With out purpose greater than themselves, they know they will end up with an empty heart and meaningless lives.

                   They want something to believe in, that is big enough to satisfy the yearning, of their hearts.

          The only thing that comes close to filling that need, is the cause of Jesus Christ,His blood stained body, that was  lifted on the cross of Calvary, for the redemption,of the whole world.

          Think of it; The God of the universe invites the young, as well as the old,  to become His partners, in reclaiming the world, for Him.

          We can each have a part, using the unique  opportunities, He gives to each of us. 

                     If you are young and seeking purpose for your life, why not become one of His disciples, Christ is always Hiring and the benefits are out of this world.

                     If anyone serves me, him My Father will honor.      John  12: 26

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