Saturday, February 16, 2013


        Have you ever been under water for a long period of time?  longer than you expected . If so you know as the time ticks away, how desperate you become to reach the surface and breath some air.

          The greater the time you are under water, the more you long  for a breath of air, you long for it so much the desire overwhelms you  and you rush to the surface as fast as possible, you have no other thought, but to quench your need for air.

         That's kinda what it means to "long for God" to feel unfulfilled with out Him. It means we know we desperately need Him,  even more than we need air,  we yearn  to be filled with His presence.

        The Psalmist say's in Psalm  84; 2  "My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God" as much as  the person under water yearns for the air to breath, we  each yearn to be filled with the fullness of Christ.

         Are you yearning for His presence in your life? hungering and thirsting for His righteousness, call Him up ask Him , He will, come in and give you what you have need of.

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