Saturday, April 13, 2013


         Just how do you listen to God's word? Scriptures contain critical information for every human life, but people approach it very differently.
        Nonbelievers as well as Christians, can listen passively without intending to apply, what they hear.
A cluttered mind, or a preoccupied mind, can leave little or no room, to let God's word grow, in your "heart".
             All of us, would like to have His word hid in our hearts and that is good, its a first step in the right direction, to becoming a better hearer, of His "word."
       God can do great things, through someone whose mind is like fertile soil,where the word of God can grow, as a tender plant, even a young child, who is willing to listen and learn will be "transformed".
       Listen carefully, resist all out side clutter, evaluate your life against what you are hearing in scripture, apply the truths, that the Holy Spirit impresses upon your heart and you can and will become a better listener.
          Matthew Chapter 13 verses 1-9 describe how you can listen and let the word of God take root in your "heart". 

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