Sunday, January 27, 2013


         There are many things, that are intriguing about Jesus; in His ministry, he said things, that  will cause you to scratch your head, in wonderment.
          Consider these paradoxical  statements, in Mark 8:35 He said "To live you must die". Then in Matthew 19:21 He said "To gain you must give" and later in Matthew 5: 4 He stated "Blessed are those who morn".
                   It is  pronouncements like these, that cause us to wonder if Christ might be out of touch with the world we live in.
          Has He really walked a mile in our shoes, been there and done the things we go through, since we know He is always right with his thinking, then the only thing left for us to do is check our own, the Bible says in Isa: 55:8  "My thoughts are not your thoughts,nor are your ways my ways.
         So rather than trust our own instincts and rely on what we understand, we must yield to Him and ask Him to help us and give us the courage and boldness to follow His ways even when they seem up side down. or they make no sense to us. 

                       So  Father since what seems right to us, is not always what is right with you, help us to know the difference. and live ours lives according to your will.not ours.

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