Thursday, November 1, 2012


          The mischievous twins,  envy and jealousy, these two are common guest in many homes today.
         The less fortunate envy the wealthy, kids that are not out standing athletes envy those that are, couples that are unable to bear children envy those that can, churches that have only a few members envy those that have many.
          There seems to be no end to the modern day list of envy and jealousy.
          The Bible declares envy and jealousy are rottenest of the bones. Proverbs 14:30
          Envy and jealousy have been around for a long time, one doesn't have to read far into the Bible to find it in peoples lives.
          Envy made the top Seven deadly sins in the Bible.
          Unchecked it can cause division in our family's,  violence in our lives, even to the point of murder, bitterness toward others, disrupts peace in society, disrupts peace in our homes, disrupts even peace in the church of the living God.
          What can we do to avoid envy and jealousy?
           First: We can thank God for what we have, rather than dwell on the thought that some one else might have it better.
           Second: Be content with what we have.
           Third: God tells us not to envy others. 
           Fourth: We know from Gods word envious people can not inherit Gods kingdom. 
           These reasons alone ought to inspire us not to be envious.
           Satan knows envy and jealousy are barriers to fellowship with God.
           Don't let him steal your Joy and Peace; Don't  entertain his two guest in your home. Pledge to be an over comer for Christ today!

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