Sunday, November 11, 2012


          Who holds me captive? Who causes me to lose my focus?  Who keeps me spinning my wheels instead of moving forward?    I do.
               When I mess up,  I choose to do nothing,  or  I choose to ask for forgiveness.
          When I say the wrong thing,  I choose to carry that around with me,  or  I choose to make it right.
          When I wrong God, I choose to pray to Him and repent,  or  I choose  to allow that to separate me from Him.
               When I face a challenge or a decision, I choose to seek Gods will for me,  or  I choose to do it my way.
           When I am angry, I choose  to take it out on others,  or  I choose to take it to God and let Him take care of it.
           When I am sad, I choose to be sad and depressed,  or  I choose to praise God and dwell on His promises.
           When I have been wronged, I choose revenge,  or  I choose to trust God to handle the situation for me.
            When I am confused, I choose to talk to everybody but God,  or  I choose to talk to Him first.
            When I am lost, I choose to seek direction in this world,  or  I choose to follow the road God has made for me.

            There is always a choice,  Who sets me free?  Who gives me life?  Who gives me purpose?  Who helps me move forward?  THAT WOULD BE GOD, BUT THE CHOICES ARE UP TO ME.

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