Wednesday, October 17, 2012


           Have you ever ask God the question:   Why are you allowing me or my loved ones to suffer like this?
          When we experience difficult times we usually pray to God and ask Him for immediate relief, how ever we all know God answers prayer in His own time.
          After suffering awhile we start wondering why God hasn't intervened, we begin questing ourselves, what have I done to deserve this and we even question whether God even cares.
          We may even feel God has abandoned us, it is common for us to feel isolated from God, during difficult times.
         How ever the Bible assures us God is present even when He seems far away, God is walking right along beside us, God is never late, when it comes to handling our painful situation He is always on time.
         Never give up on God, the Bible teaches we are going to suffer many different ways.
         When we suffer let us remember always be faithful to God, Gods timing is perfect.
         keep your faith and trust in God, if you do you will get through your difficult time.   

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