Monday, October 29, 2012


         The Bible warned the people of Noah's day, they laughed at Noah and mocked the words Noah spoke to them from the Bible and went about their usual lives.
          With out ever realizing he might be right.   Gen  6-3  "My spirit shall not strive with man forever."
          Eventually God's patience gave out and He allowed the rain to come.
         Men and women begged to get aboard the ark, but it was to late.
         Soon there was enough water to flood the earth and lift the ark safely up on the waters.
         Every soul out side the ark perished , most surely it was a sad time for Noah and his family, because they had done all they could to warn the people.
         God is speaking to His people once again. "Get aboard My ark, My ark of salvation" Don't be one to ignore His call as those did in Noah's day, God's greater ark of salvation is ready for boarding.
         He is standing ready to welcome you aboard, why wait any longer, get aboard today while the Master is calling, tomorrow could be to late.  

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