Tuesday, October 23, 2012


         Each of us has a conscience, that acts as a judge over our thoughts our words and our deeds.

         Our conscience can be distorted depending on how we have used it or abused it.

         The main thing that defiles our conscience is sin, the Bible tells us .
         The best way to clean it up and keep it clean, is by the purifying work of the Holy Spirit.

         Our conscience is important to us, God uses it to warn us of danger and to convince us of things we do wrong.

         Is God speaking to your conscience today? About something you may be doing that you know dishonors Christ.

         Don't ignore that small still voice and think it doesn't matter.

         Keep your conscience clean.      THE BLOOD OF CHRIST WILL CLEANSE OUR CONSCIENCE.     HEBREWS   9: 14  

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