Monday, August 27, 2012


When a person comes in contact with God, he or she will never be the same again.  This divine spirit either draws you in or it drives you away.  Save's you,or destroys you, helps you, or it hinders you.  Accepted and utilized His spirit becomes a blessing, rejected it becomes a curse.  On the cross next to the Savior a theif was drawn to His spirit and was saved; a second theif turned away and rejected His spirit and was lost forever.  God can take the weak and make them strong, He can take the vilest and make them clean.  He can take the sinful and make them pure.   It is most certain you will never be the same once you know christ.  Do you know Him today?  Which of the above examples will you make in your life when His spirit speaks to you?            EZE.    11:19

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