Sunday, May 6, 2012


In an age preoccupied, with the things of this world.  God seems irrelevant.  The words of the Psalmist sound strange to most people today. " MY SOUL THIRST FOR GOD. THE LIVING GOD."  Psalms 42:2   These words just don't seem to fit in.  But the Psalmist discovered, something, that most of us realize sooner or latter.  The things of this world, can't or ever satisfy, the longing of our soul's. Only God can meet those needs.  Don't let anything or anyone come between you and God. Why do we spend money and time on things, that does not satisfy?  What crowds out the yearning for God in your life?  God wants you to long for him and to know him,  He made it possible through Jesus Christ his son.

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